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Apple Arcade Adds New Annual Subscription Plan for Rs. 999 in India

Apple Arcade’s subscription-based games service adds an annual subscription option for Rs. 999 per year, join the existing rupees. Monthly subscription option 99. Likewise, Apple added an annual subscriber plan of $ 49.99 in the United States. UU. The same plan will cost $ 59.99 a year in Canada, £ 49.99 a year in the UK and € 49.99 a year in Europe.

At present, Indian users must pay Rs. 99 per month for service, which is equivalent to Rs. 1,188 a year, but with the new annual plan, users will end up paying Rs. 83.25 per month. The annual level was first reported by the German blog


Customers who have already subscribed to the monthly Apple Arcade plan, can switch to the annual plan by browsing the list of subscriptions in the app store.

Presumably, the new Apple Arcade subscribers will be provided with the annual option upon registration.

Apple Arcade was launched on September 19th with over 100 games and is dedicated exclusively to Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.

Apple Arcade recently introduced “Bit Ultimate Rivals” by Bit Fry Game Studios, a new sports franchise that combines hockey, basketball, football, baseball, and soccer in one officially licensed video game, the first in sports and games.

Apple Arcade game service includes games from developers like Konami, Capcom, Annapurna Interactive and more.

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