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Apple Kills App That Let You Turn iPhone Into a Virtual Classic iPod

Apple removed an application called Rewound from its app store that turned the iPhone into a virtual iPod with a click of a click, like the old MP3 player. In a post written in Medium, Rewound said it launches to revive the application.

The company said Tuesday: “Since we are deprived of Apple’s revenue, we are starting this fund to develop the Rewound web application for the original iPhone / Android and Android.”


The Rewound app allows people to customize their iPhone to make it look like an MP3 player from the 2000 era.

It has grown significantly worldwide, from Japan to China, from Iran to Russia and the rest of the continent in Europe.

“I was ranked 19th in the list of American music applications and drew it globally. It was a viral sensation, which spread throughout the world,” he wrote.

“Something happened … something magical … people around the world rediscovered their old love together and experimented with their music in a completely old way through a programmable music player. Then Apple killed her.”

Apple removed it because the application copied the design of the iPod.

Rewind motivation: “Rewound was specifically designed not to violate Apple’s trademarks and we didn’t. Rewound can be seen in several ways. Not only until users started sharing / using Clickwheel masks, they blocked the application,” he defended. Rewound

According to Rewound, there is another reason to remove it from Apple because the application is expensive for Apple Music features.

“This is not reasonable, but they already accepted the purchase in the application before the Clickwheel masks began to spread … then they decided that it was not correct. Double standards?” Rewound said.

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There was no official statement from Apple regarding the publication of Rewound.

Rewound said the application could not be updated to be approved without breaking the application for more than 170,000 users.


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