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PUBG Mobile v0.16.0 Update Brings RageGear Mode, Mobile Healing, Snow Paradise, and More

PUBG Mobile has started receiving v0.16.0 content update, which is a great update in terms of new features and the changes it brings. The latest PUBG Mobile update marks the winter in the game and comes with a new RageGear mode, as well as the ability to ski in the new Snow Paradise area on the Erangel map. A new map of ruins has arrived for the Death Squad match, along with an ingenious perspective button for fast switching between TPP and FPP. In addition, players can now recover using consumables on the move, and many firearm balance adjustments have reached PUBG Mobile by updating new content.

PUBG Mobile v0.16.0 content update is now applied through stable channel for Android and iOS, but game servers will not be disconnected. The update size is 673MB, and those who downloaded it before December 17 will be awarded a reward of 50 silver, 2,888 barrels and a 3-day winter dress to match the look of the winter. Speaking of major changes, EvoGround now has a new mode called RageGear, in which players are divided into two categories: the first driving the compound weapon and the other driving the car.
In the battle of RageGear TDM, there are endless appearances and the goal is to reach the goal of destroying a fixed number of enemy vehicles before others. In the battle of RageGear Pick Up, the goal is to collect a specified number of boxes before opponents, but it is worth noting that all boxes will be lost if the car is destroyed. Another important feature that comes with the PUBG Mobile update, is Snow Paradise, an accessible snow-covered area while players line up to fight a battle on Erangel map in classic mode. Once in the game, players can swim freely on the ice or ride a cable car while fighting enemies.


PUBG also takes some lessons from its main competitor, Call of Duty: Mobile. The PUBG Mobile v0.16.0 content update adds a download feature that allows players to select the weapons they bring to a game and then change the load when they enter a team death match or while appearing again. Another particularly useful feature that comes with the update is healing on the go. Items like medical tools, pain relievers, energy drinks and dressings can now be used while traveling, but at the expense of speed of movement.
In addition, the Perspective button has also been added to the game which will allow players to quickly switch between TPP and FPP. This button will be available in Classic, Arcade, and Team Death Match modes, and can be moved anywhere on the screen, or even disabled. Firearms balance adjustments have also been made, and PUBG Mobile has arrived with the update a new way to invite other players to another round.

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