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Xbox Series X Unveiled as Microsoft’s Next Gaming Console, Coming in Holiday 2020

Xbox Series X is responsible for Microsoft’s next-generation game console, and will hit stores in the holiday season next year. Xbox Series X is the Project Scarlet or Xbox Scarlet console that the company expects strongly and that Microsoft has been harassing for some time. The Xbox X Series design is a clear departure from the Xbox One consoles of the previous generation, and looks more like a tower computer that should be used upright. In addition to the new console, Microsoft has also announced a new high-end console that will ship with Xbox Series X next year and is compatible with previous devices and Windows 10 computers.

The Game Awards have been revealed, as it is said that Xbox Series X is delivering a major update on Xbox One X in terms of processing power and also includes new features to provide a more immersive gaming experience. Starting with the design, this is not a charming or aggressive issue due to the updates it promises, and as mentioned earlier, it looks like a slender tower computer. And if you’re wondering, yes, it can be used in both horizontal and vertical orientation, but the first way is more like how Microsoft tries to place it.
Xbox Series X is the fastest and most powerful console created by the company, said Phil Spencer, Xbox boss. More importantly, Microsoft has not lost compatibility with previous versions and has made it clear that its new console will bring “thousands of games of three generations and more.” While Microsoft has not identified earnings in detail, Xbox Series X will save the processing power of Xbox One X four times.


As for the output, the Xbox Series X will allow 4K at 60 fps and allow users to boost the game’s output at 120 fps. It also provides 8K capacity (only valid on paper at this time) and variable refresh rate (VRR). Internally, it uses a specially designed processor based on the AMD Zen 2 and AMD Radeon RDNA architecture, and also provides lightning acceleration to the table. It is said that solid-state drives packaged inside the console dramatically reduce download time and were previously routed to the default RAM.
“We wanted a massive update of the Xbox One base console. So, when we do the calculations, we are eight times more powerful than the Xbox One GPU, and twice the Xbox One X,” Spencer said, according to GameSpot. Microsoft used the Low Auto Power Off (ALLM) mode to reduce latency, while DLI entries will interest the response. Games on four generations of consoles, all Xbox One game accessories and services such as Xbox Game Pass will be available for Xbox Series X next year.

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For the new Xbox wireless controller (yes, that is the name. There is nothing fancy here), it is said that its size and shape are optimized to accommodate a larger group of people. It has a new Share button to quickly capture clips and game shots, and is also inspired by the richest brotherhood, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller, for an improved design on the dashboard d. The most modern Xbox wireless controller will be supplied with all Xbox Series X consoles, and will also be compatible with Xbox One and Windows 10. Computers. Xbox Series X will arrive in the 2020 holiday season, but there is no information on its price or market availability by region.


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