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Stars’ Flares Can Kill Potential Life on Exoplanets

NASA has identified more than 4,100 extraterrestrial orbiting planets, but now space researchers at New York University in Abu Dhabi have discovered that all the exoplanets in the habitable zone can maintain a comfortable state. do not have. Near the stars are subject to a burst of near-acupuncture radiation, which can disrupt life conditions unless extra-terrestrial aircraft are exposed to the atmosphere or magnetic shield.

In this study published in the journal “Royal Astronomical Society: Letters”, research scientist Dimitra Atari said how the effects of star-studded radiation on the surface of the planets, which is the life of the planets. We are investigating what may affect your ability to host.


It was concluded that the planets have the potential to suddenly increase the radiation levels of the planet and eliminate the potential living conditions of the planet.

We also found that the depth of the atmosphere (column density) and the planet’s magnetic field are important factors that keep the planets from flare up and maintain the planet’s atmosphere.

“As we continue to explore the solar system and the planets beyond, it is very important to discover whether these planets have the potential to support life,” said Atari. it was.

One of the most important advances in astronomy is the discovery of extraterrestrial planets.

However, planets that are located near extra-stars are very susceptible to the eruption of radiation from stars, also known as flares.

“Further progress in this area will improve our understanding of the relationship between extreme solar events, radiation volume and planetary habits,” Atari added.

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