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Airtel Partners With Lionsgate to Offer Hollywood Content on Xstream Platform

Indian Airtel has announced a partnership with American entertainment company LinesGate to offer LinesGatePlay to its customers in India. Airtel will stream content on feature films through the Xstream application and web platforms LinesGate. It is important to note that after the new partnership, Vodafone Idea has partnered with licensed GatStars subsidiary to bring LinesGatePlay to its customers through Vodafone Play and Idea Movies and TV applications. LinesGatePlay streaming service to provide Hollywood-produced content to Indian users. Serves content in several Indian languages.

The Airtel XStream platform, available in the form of mobile applications and web platforms, already has a catalog of more than 10,000 movies and programs, along with 400 television channels. But with the addition of LinesGatePlay, this list will be expanded with new content. The Telecommunications Company said in a statement that the content of LinesGate will be available in several Indian languages, divided into genres such as Action, Comedy, Drama, Terrorism and Suspense.


LinesGatePlay’s initial offerings include international successes such as The Hunger Games and Twilight Saga, winner of the LaLaLand Academy Award and Wonder. In addition, American Hassan, Robin Hood, The Spy Who Dumped Me, A Simple Fever, Saban’s Power Rangers, Divergent, You Are Now are famous movies like Cm 2, Letters to God, Letters to Juliet and Reservoir Dog.

“Our mission is to make AirTelstream one of India’s most loved digital entertainment platforms and allow for the best experience in our class across a variety of connected devices and applications,” said Adarsh ​​Nair, Product Director, Indian Airtel. Joint Statement ready “As part of our mission we will continue a long-term strategic alliance with leading content creators around the world, and we look forward to collaborating with LinesGate to please customers in India. ”

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Commenting on the partnership, Airtel Association will help increase LinesGateplay’s premium offerings in the country, said Rohit Jain, Managing Director of LinesGatePlay in South Asia.

“Telecommunications companies play a vital role in increasing the availability of premium content on digital platforms, and we are proud to partner with partners like Airtel to deliver a huge reach, a powerful brand and an unprecedented distribution. Combines the experience of This is another huge step forward in providing an exciting and unique content experience for our Indian audience, “said Jane.

To remember, Vodafone Idea announced in August its alliance with Vodafone Play and StarsPlay to bring LinesGatePlay to India via Idea Movies and TV applications.

Airtel and Vodafone are trying to attract consumers to their content platform that will ultimately help to generate some revenue.


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