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Facebook to Pilot a New Fact Checking Programme With Community Reviewers

In an effort to expedite the elimination of counterfeit content, Facebook has announced a new pilot program to allow fact-checkers to see if Facebook has confirmed a claim to a representative group of Facebook users. Is not

Community reviewers in the program will have to work as researchers to find information that can substantiate the exact contradiction or other claim of online fraud.


Facebook said it is partnering with Yugov, a global public opinion and data company, for the pilot project.

“These community reviewers are not Facebook employees, but will instead be hired by one of our partners as a contractor,” the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

He added, “They are not making final decisions on their own. Instead, their results will be shared with third party fact checkers as an additional context as they conduct their official review. ”

For example, if a post claims that a celebrity has died and community reviewers have found no other means to report the news, “or view a report Someone has to perform that day, “so he can flag that claim. Not connected.

The fact checkers will only see this information when they review the post and find its rating.

The Pilot Project is currently live in the United States.

Facebook said it has been working with experts and partners in many fields to better understand the fact-finding partners in trying to quickly review the content. Documents.

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Facebook said, “If there is a hint that a post may contain inaccurate information, then it is reduced when BoJoLJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJ” J “K” “,”, “,” “,” “,”

Identify the claim really.

They will then investigate to find other sources that will either endorse or deny the claim, just as a user using Facebook believes in this important claim in a news story. Find other news articles.

Facebook said the fact-checking partners would then view community reviewers’ collective review as a signal to select which stories to review and categorize.


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