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IMAX With Laser Looks Set to Enter India With PVR Cinemas in Mumbai

Five years later, when it was first launched worldwide, the IMAX laser, introduced by IMAX with high quality digital projection, is apparently going to India. The IMAX display of PVR cinemas in the lower Pearl suburb of Mumbai has been renamed as “Laser Lower Pearl with PVR Iconic Imax”, PVR Cinemas and Book My Show tickets On the official partner website of Lower Perl will be the first IMAX laser screen in Mumbai India. (India does not yet have an IMAX 70 mm screen.) Gadget 360 has contacted PVR Cinemas and commented on when the new projection system will be available to users.

The main difference between ordinary digital IMAX, which is available in all other IMAX screens in India, and laser IMAX is that they use a Xenon arc lamp and a laser light source, respectively. In addition, while digital uses IMAX 2 projector with 2K resolution, IMAX uses 2K projector with laser with 4K resolution capability. It allows the latter to produce faster, brighter and more fine-grained images, plus a better contrast ratio that doubles the projection of IMAX 15/70 mm film and higher than the 2500: 1 xenon-based digital IMAX ratio. However, in terms of resolution, the laser IMAX still does not match the IMAX film, which is capable of 6K (35mm film) or 12K (65mm film).


Also capable of projecting to higher screens with the IMAX laser, the traditional IMAX aspect ratio is returning to 1.43: 1. Gadgets360 has asked PVR theaters if the IMAX display has been changed in Lower Pearl, Mumbai to fully utilize the IMA with laser capability. We have also asked if the laser IMAX will be available on other IMAX PVR screens throughout IMAX and we will update this piece when we know.

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On top of that, the laser IMAX also comes with new 3D glasses, which use IMAX digital based on Droroic filters, rather than linear polarization. Speaking of Dolby, the Laser with IMAX also brings a new 12-channel sound system designed to compete with Dolby Atmos (Dolby has its own competition with iMax’s Laser, which is known as Dolby. Called Cinema, a combination of Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, but not yet available in India).

There are currently 20 IMAX screens in India: six in PVR Bangalore (3), Inox (2) and Snappolis; five in Mumbai, from PVR, Inox (2), Cenopolis and Carnival Cinema. Four in Delhi NCR, all courtesy of PVR; PPR owned by SPI and two at Jazz Cinema Chennai. INOX has one in Kolkata; one in Pune de Sainpolis; and one in Ahmedabad, Gujarat Science City, which does not feature commercial films.


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